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Dropping names since 1995!

Welcome to the first weekly name drop! I am super excited about my new website, and since I enjoy writing almost as much as painting, I am also excited that a blog comes with it! Now onto the big moment: the first name drop. This feels a little awkward, but the first name I'm dropping is my own: Paz. Pronounced "Pahz" and rhymes with "Oz," it means "peace" in Spanish. This is a little ironic since I am far from a peaceful person (although I wish I was!).

I started Name Droppers back in 1995 when I had just two of my four sons. I recall with rather vivid detail pushing my one-year-old along the streets of Baltimore on the way to get my business license (remember those days without internet?!!). That was a huge moment for me because I never pictured myself as the entrepreneurial type, let alone in the art business. For gosh sakes I was a mortgage loan officer for years before that! And I must confess that I've had many times over the years when I've thought about packing it in and doing something different, and a few times I have, but I always circle back. I've come to the conclusion there's a message there. So here I am, over 22 years later, trying to expand my business, and my customer base.

As for this blog, I will try my hardest to be brief each week when I'm dropping a name, whether person, place or thing. I have a tendency to ramble when I speak, and writing is not much different. But I want you to keep coming back, so brevity will rein supreme! My plan is to not only share interesting facts about people, but also some tutorials on this blog. There's a lot I do within my business that I know you could do yourself!

So again, welcome and thanks for visiting! Drop me a line any time :)

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