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handcrafted jewelry

Each of these pieces is individually handcrafted, making each a unique, one-of-a-kind item. Stones are carefully selected, cleaned and polished prior to wrapping in plated silver wire. The round, industrial pendants are carefully, yet whimsically, stamped making each piece as special as its owner. And the yarn necklaces are perfect for the scarf-lover, offering a light, airy feel all year round!

Chilean stone necklaces

These raw stone necklaces are both gorgeous and timeless! All stones are from Chile - rose quartz with marcasite, lapis lazuli, crystallized sulphur and amazonite (all out of stock except yellow sulphur). Each is wrapped in plated silver wire and comes with a suede cord. The pendants can easily be switched onto another necklace or chain


$25 - $40

beach stone necklaces

Although not quite as exotic as their Chilean counterparts, these stone necklaces are equally as versatile and timeless. The stones were found on Atlantic shore beaches. Some are wrapped in plated silver wire and others in dark steel wire (sealed to prevent rusting). Many neutral colors to choose from too!


$16 - $20

industrial style necklaces

Words are stamped onto galvanized metal washers to give these necklaces an edgy, industrial vibe. Each comes with a leather cord or ball chain. Many words to choose from so you'll easily find your inspiration:

  • Live Love Laugh

  • Teach Love Inspire

  • Peace

and many more!


yarn necklaces

These colorful, lightweight necklaces are handcrafted from specialty yarns and offer the wearer the look of a thin scarf, but with a fresh, airy feel all year long. And no clasp! Easily pull one or more over your head. Wear it alone, or pair it with other jewelry pieces

$15 each; 2 for $25

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