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​Welcome to Name Droppers Gifts!  While you check out this site, you will see plurals, as in "our" and "we," referenced in several places. Well, there really is no "us" as it is just me, Paz, pronounced "Pahz." (Or better yet, Paz rhymes with "Oz" as in "Wizard of...," one of my favorite movies of all time!)  I started Name Droppers back in 1995 as a creative outlet.  For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to all things artsy. Plus, I had so many friends having babies back then, it was a great way to give them something unique and personalized. 


​While the core purpose of Name Droppers has not changed over the years, and I am still providing "personalized gifts for children of all ages," (my tag line for over 20 years) many of the products, and designs, have been updated to reflect the trends of today.  Now, my handcrafted items not only include products I hand paint, but also items I make using fabric and ribbon, yarn, wood, ink, metal and rubber stamps, and found and upcycled treasures.  I am always on the hunt for inspiration, and I never know when and where it will strike, but it always does.


You will find a little bit of everything on this site, and if there is something missing, click on "Contact Us" and just ask me if I have the item, can get it, or can paint it.  I'm always looking for a new challenge! 

meet the "team"
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Owner and Artist


What's that saying about, knowing a little bit about a lot of stuff, but not being great at any one thing?  Oh, yeah!  Jack of all trades and master of none.  Me to a T, or at least, that's how I see myself.  I enjoy art (of course) in many forms, writing, computers, traveling, golf, coffee, wine, my friends, and most of all, my family, but not necessarily in that order.  As for how others see me, most friends and family would use two words to describe me -  "people person."  So...since creating art is kind of lonely, talk to me people!  Or at least email me :)




You are probably asking, "So, what's with the dog being listed as part of the 'team'?"  Well, my four children would likely be mortified if their mother put their picture on her eCommerce site, but the dog doesn't know otherwise, now does she?  Plus, she really is my sidekick and with me most waking hours.  A spunky, often spastic, 5 year old lab, she is affectionately known to me as "mad dog," "baby dog" and her actual name, Breezy, too.  She's also the only other female in the house and my BFF (most days).

Luis, Heather & Barbara

The Influencers


Those who have inspired me -  First, my dad, Luis.  Despite being an engineer and an economist, he was always painting or drawing something during his leisure time.  Next, my high school art teacher, Heather.  She taught me so much and to this day, she continues to encourage me.  And last, but not least, my high school BFF's mom, Barbara, who in 1995 at my BFF's baby shower said, "You should start a business painting personalized gifts!"  And the rest is history...

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